Find the right person

Ryan+Alexander will confidently service your employment recruitment requirements.

Ryan+Alexander is a full-service recruitment agency, able to cover the full breadth of roles - from temporary to contract to permanent, from entry-level right through to executive management.

We make it our mission to know our clients and the businesses they represent. We are clear on our clients’ expectations and can confidently act on their behalf when sourcing and considering candidates.

Ryan+Alexander is passionate about regional New Zealand and the incredible employment opportunities that exist here. We ensure you have a choice of the best potential recruits in New Zealand, while constantly scouring the international talent pool to recognise world-class people who could be attracted here.

If you are looking for a Tauranga-based recruitment partner with global capability, we would love to hear from you.


Ryan + Alexander established Tauranga’s first-ever local executive search service.

Professional Services

This is a service that caters to positions which might once have been called white-collar roles.

Temp and Contracting

One of the cornerstones of R+A is our ability to fill temp and contracting roles for clients across all industries in the professional services space.